I Love Moon

Made this LINE Moon quite some time ago but didn't have the time to snap photo of it and update the blog. >﹏<

I love Moon so much. Wish to own the plushies of it. But couldn't really find it at the market and it is pricey if get it from Korea or Japan. So, I made it by myself. >﹏<

Total made 2 of them. One has given to my beloved Big S. Which was the very first I made and looks nicer too. Its head is rounder. I wonder was it due to the 2 different crochet hooks size that I used.

Disclaimer: This item is not for sale. It is being made due to the very love to this character and it is my own pattern. Thank you.

Cute Pandapple (◕ܫ◕)

I've came across this Pandapple while I was looking for something cute to crochet. I love cute characters especially those from Sanrio! Awww~~~ So cute cute cute cute~~~~  (◕ܫ◕)

Other than cute, I've chosen Pandapple-chan to crochet as it has the rainbow dress on it (I love rainbow). XD Oh ya, I didn't apply blush on it. As I'm still looking for dye stuffs which can directly apply onto fabric or any handmade toys. :)

Last but not least, I would like to give a big credit to amiguruMEI for providing this super cute free pattern on their blog! But I've made slight changes on its feet. ^.^

Cute Panapple-chan~

Google Search Result

Opps... Finally saw my own crochet item appeared on the Google search result. Even though it is at the 14th page. LOL!

Wedding Couple Bear

This is the one and only photo that I was able to snap before I passed them to their new owner for today's pre-wedding photography session. >.< This is due to I was looking for the material to make the bridal veil for quite some time already. Was busy over the past few weeks too >.<

By the way, the lady owner not sure whether the photographer going to use them or not~ Hmm... Just wish they will be able to play their role during the photography session. As I do wish to see how's my work looks like from the professional shooting. XD

Felt Sanitary Pouch

My second piece of work by using felt. Hehe... It can fit in 2 pieces of normal pads nicely, slightly bulky if you stuck in 3.

I've put a layer of lining to cover up the back side of Domo-kun's. As I wanna hide the stitches. The only thing which I'm not so satisfied was the closing part of this pouch. I made it too short so it can't be close up nicely after I put in the pads. Therefore, I need to use a safety pin so that the thing inside won't drop out. >.<

Baby Dress with Lover's Knot

When I show this to few friends of mine once I finished it, their first reaction was: "So sexy!" XD Didn't expect they will have such impression. I really can't relate a baby girl with sexy when they are wearing it. LOL!

Anyway, I still take it as a compliment. Thank you ah, to all my friends. :P

I've been struggling in choosing the color for the bottom part of the dress. At the beginning, was thinking to make the whole dress in white. But when considering it will be too plain, pink, beige, yellow, light orange, blue, purple... were all came across my mind. >.< At the end I've chosen blue. Why? As I like blue color. XD

Oh ya, the flower on the chest is the same flower from the baby flower headband! It is removable and exchangeable. Hmm... If I have made the dress in all white, I can just change the flowers randomly. And the baby as if is having a new dress to wear from time to time. >:P

The front side of it. With a flower on the chest.

Baby Flower Headband

Baby with headband always looks so so cute and adorable. ^.^ This baby flower headband is easy to match with your baby daily garments and is simply just nice nice nice~~ XD Oh ya,  The flower is exchangeable!

 Baby flower headband on my best model ever - Nohohon Zoku plush toy! XD

The Bee & I ♥

I've gave a Bumble Bee Bag Charm to my cute little nephew (8 months old) on my last meeting up with his mummy. As... well... I feel that he is as cute as the bag charm. XD

And what a coincident, he was wearing yellow on that day! This has made both of them such a great match. His mummy and I can't help laughing out loud when seeing it. And this little fella seems like being charmed by my bumble bee once he saw it. I'm so glad that he loves it so much! ^o^

My cousin has been sending me these photos, showing how her son want the bee so desperately. And with her permission, I'm sharing them out here. ♥ 

I'm a bee... lol