Baby Dress with Lover's Knot

When I show this to few friends of mine once I finished it, their first reaction was: "So sexy!" XD Didn't expect they will have such impression. I really can't relate a baby girl with sexy when they are wearing it. LOL!

Anyway, I still take it as a compliment. Thank you ah, to all my friends. :P

I've been struggling in choosing the color for the bottom part of the dress. At the beginning, was thinking to make the whole dress in white. But when considering it will be too plain, pink, beige, yellow, light orange, blue, purple... were all came across my mind. >.< At the end I've chosen blue. Why? As I like blue color. XD

Oh ya, the flower on the chest is the same flower from the baby flower headband! It is removable and exchangeable. Hmm... If I have made the dress in all white, I can just change the flowers randomly. And the baby as if is having a new dress to wear from time to time. >:P

The front side of it. With a flower on the chest.
Collar width: 19cm
Shoulder width: 13cm
Armpit width: 17cm
Length: 27cm
Hem: 80cm

 The back. With button closure.
Close up a little

Close up a little bit more...

The flower on the chest

And yes, it is removable and exchangeable ^o^

I personally feel that it is nice also without the flower. :P Cause I always feel that button is cute XD

Oooh lala~ it is so matching with the baby flower headband that I posted earlier!

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