The Bee & I ♥

I've gave a Bumble Bee Bag Charm to my cute little nephew (8 months old) on my last meeting up with his mummy. As... well... I feel that he is as cute as the bag charm. XD

And what a coincident, he was wearing yellow on that day! This has made both of them such a great match. His mummy and I can't help laughing out loud when seeing it. And this little fella seems like being charmed by my bumble bee once he saw it. I'm so glad that he loves it so much! ^o^

My cousin has been sending me these photos, showing how her son want the bee so desperately. And with her permission, I'm sharing them out here. ♥ 

I'm a bee... lol

The bee & I 

[crawling... crawling...] Yea... yeesh... Almost there...

Aww~~ I can only see U from the underneath as my little hand can't reach U. ﹌○