Cute Pandapple (◕ܫ◕)

I've came across this Pandapple while I was looking for something cute to crochet. I love cute characters especially those from Sanrio! Awww~~~ So cute cute cute cute~~~~  (◕ܫ◕)

Other than cute, I've chosen Pandapple-chan to crochet as it has the rainbow dress on it (I love rainbow). XD Oh ya, I didn't apply blush on it. As I'm still looking for dye stuffs which can directly apply onto fabric or any handmade toys. :)

Last but not least, I would like to give a big credit to amiguruMEI for providing this super cute free pattern on their blog! But I've made slight changes on its feet. ^.^

Cute Panapple-chan~

The unfinished Pandapple.
I personally feel this is quite cute already. Was thinking just leave it as this. LOL

Pandapple front

Slightly to the left

More to the left

Close up, no blush